Radically change the trajectory of an early stage company to maximize disruption in the $40 billion healthcare IT market

How do you accelerate the transformation of a startup’s base assets into a powerful and leading market offering?



The healthcare IT space represents an enormous opportunity for both patients and providers. Both are seeking more efficiency, transparency, and speed from a system and practice desperate for change.

Most of all, everyone wants better care for a reasonable cost.

Today, many of the solutions exist in varying ‘boil the ocean’ variants, with even mega players like Google conceding the space to Microsoft. What if the answer was simpler? Instead of trying to reinvent the end-to-end system, what if you focused on just the most inefficient (and expensive) part of the system: the communication within health teams.




We rejuvenated OnPulse’s product, brand, and marketing approach to create maximum impact and differentiation in the hugely crowded and complex Healthcare IT market.