Designed to win. 

Executed to perfection.

Built to last. 


Thinktiv dramatically changes the success rate of startups, and they don’t do that with money. The level of engagement from the Thinktiv model is far beyond what you would see from a traditional incubator or accelerator. It’s incredibly unique and incredibly successful.
— David Wieland, Thinktiv Co-Investor

Since 2006, we’ve been a pioneering builder of winning companies.

Thinktiv is a business builder focused on helping our clients and partners achieve what’s possible.

We’ve built a unique services platform that changes the rules of building businesses.  

With Thinktiv ⇣

  • You quickly identify the most valuable demand signals in your market.
  • You seize market opportunities faster than the competition.
  • You achieve rapid, game-changing increases in market traction and valuation, without requiring significant new rounds of capital to finance them.
  • You dramatically reduce downside exposure and dilution risk for your team and existing investors.

You win.

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