Conceivable is the first modern fertility program that radically increases a woman’s natural ability to get and stay pregnant. 

How do you tackle such a uniquely personal, emotional, and widely misunderstood condition such as infertility?


Thinktiv co-founded Conceivable with leading fertility wellness expert and clinician Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer.  After treating over 7,000 infertility cases over the past 15 years, Kirsten asked Thinktiv to help her expand the reach or her proven integrative wellness program, so that it could help the millions of U.S. women who are diagnosed as infertile each year.

Thinktiv has acted as a turnkey operating partner and strategic advisor as Kirsten’s offline program transformed into a technology-enabled mobile health solution, leveraging diverse distribution channels.  After naming and branding the new company and designing the branding and packaging of Conceivable’s proprietary line of herbal formulas, Thinktiv translated Kirsten’s vast knowledge and case data into a mobile application experience that collects and tracks patient health and infertility metrics, reports progress, and gives automated, personalized wellness recommendations.  The company launched in beta during the Fall of 2014 through 20+ of the nation’s largest fertility wellness clinics, and will launch it’s direct-to-consumer offering in Spring of 2015.



Thinktiv is currently in development helping make Conceivable a reality. We are their end-to-end services partner and investor.